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    UCC Media Justice Update

    Senate Vote on Open Internet Thurs. Nov. 10

    The U.S. Senate is voting tomorrow November 10 on whether to roll back the Obama Administration's new Internet protections.  As you may recall, the Obama Administration responded to our call and adopted rules last year to ensure that the Internet will remain an open platform for free speech.  But the conservative Congress is poised to repeal the new rules.  If opponents in Congress succeed, we will be left with no protection if an Internet company decided to favor its own content, charge extra fees for noncommercial video, or just plain censor unpopular views.

    Rev. Jim Antal, member of the UCC OC Inc. board and Conference Minister for the Massachusetts Conference, has written Sen. Scott Brown to urge him to vote to support an open Internet.  The National Council of Churches Communication Commission supports an open Internet.  Faith communicators from many denominations around the country wrote asking the Senate to support an open Internet.  The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops supports an open Internet

    Hopefully the U.S. Senate will listen and refuse to overturn the open Internet rules.  Urge your Senator to vote "NO" on S.J. Res. 6.


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