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UCC Media Justice Update

Statement in Response to UHF Discount Court Decision

The following can be attributed to Cheryl A. Leanza, policy advisor to the United Church of Christ, OC Inc.

Today's decision in the D.C. Circuit rejecting the UCC media justice ministry's and other public interest petitioners' challenge to the technologically obsolete UHF discount does not bear on the validity of the Trump FCC decision to reimpose that rule.  The D.C. Circuit's per curium decision was on a technical point, unique to the D.C. Circuit, that standing (i.e. concrete and specific harm to petitioners) must be shown in petitioners' initial filing.  UCC OC Inc., its members and the members of the other petitioners are concretely harmed when media ownership rules permit consolidation and our court filings demonstrated this.  While disappointing, this decision does not bear on the other cases pending and to come if the Commission's decision-making process continues down its present path of arbitrary, capricious and extra-legal decision-making.


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