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UCC Media Justice responds to new Biden nominees

The following can be attributed to Cheryl A. Leanza, UCC Media Justice policy advisor:

After too long a wait, we finally have a great line-up nominated at the Federal Communications Commission and National Telecommunications and Information Agency.


Jessica Rosenworcel, nominated for Chair, well-deserves the President's confidence. She has shown herself committed to the agency and to the public interest. During her long tenure, Acting Chair Rosenworcel has proven her fidelity to the just treatment of all, fair and robust competition and inclusion of those who are normally excluded from Commission proceedings. She is more knowledgeable than most, willing to partner on any outreach—no matter how small, and committed to adopting smart policies. Jessica Rosenworcel can take any arcane policy issues and quickly show how it hurts or helps the ordinary person. We look forward to her quick action charting a path to address a long list of FCC responsibilities which has been awaiting a fully-staffed Commission.


Gigi Sohn is a tremendous addition to the Federal Communications Commission, having served her career in civil society and in government. She will remain laser focused on policies that ensure the public access to diverse sources of news and information as well as ensuring all people will have access to modern communications at competitive and fair prices. She will make sure all voices are heard as policies are made. As someone who learned from Gigi in the earliest phases of my career, seeing her stellar skills rewarded with this seat is gratifying.


The FCC team of Rosenworcel, Sohn and current Commissioner Geoffrey Starks will be well-positioned to work together, reinforcing their common effort toward fulfilling the Communications Act's primary directive, "to make available … to all the people of the United States, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex, a rapid, efficient, Nation-wide, and world-wide wire and radio communication service…." Rarely has there been so much to do and such a great team to do it at the FCC. Now that the President has finally named his nominees, the public is counting on these leaders to waste no time in getting the job done through collaboration, strategy and trust. 


Alan Davidson brings a diversity of experience, from his time at the Center for Democracy and Technology, to his role in founding Google's first D.C. office, to his previous stint at NTIA as the director of the digital economy to his role at Mozilla. Alan's diverse skillset and vast network will be an asset as NTIA takes on its the many critical roles, including its role in ensuring digital inclusion and broadband deployment help all communities.


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