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UCC OC Inc. Statement on the Departure of Chairman Genachowski

The statement below can be attributed to Earl Williams, chair, and Cheryl A. Leanza, policy advisor, United Church of Christ, Office of Communication, Inc.:

Chairman Genachowski leaves behind him a string of accomplishments and a long to-do list for his successor.  We commend his early work to bring a comprehensive and long-overdue focus on bringing high-speed broadband Internet to all people, including low-income and underserved populations.  In contrast, we've been disappointed on the lack of focus on issues important to us and to the civil rights community.   While Internet access is important, it cannot address structural impediments to a diverse and accountable media.  It does not bring down the exorbitant rates that families pay to reach their loved ones in prison.  And as the FCC focuses now on persuading television stations to give up their spectrum so it can be used for new mobile devices, it appears that television ownership by women and people of color are suffering further decimation in the process. 


We urge the Administration to appoint a new Chair, and Acting Chair, who understands personally the broad diversity of this country and can quickly get to work on these issues. 


The United Church of Christ is a faith community rooted in justice. It established the Office of Communication, Inc. in 1959 as its ministry working to replace the media we have with the media we need to create a just society.   Learn more about UCC OC Inc. at

The Cleveland-based United Church of Christ has 5,700 local congregations across the United States. It was formed by the 1957 union of the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church.



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