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Taking Firm Action to End Predatory Prison Phone Rates

2013 has been a busy period in the effort to end predatory prison phone rates.  After the Federal Communications Commission issued its proposal, UCC OC Inc. was pleased to join with its allies to file comments and reply comments at the Federal Communications Commission.


In addition, we were able to play a critical role a few weeks ago to get the attention of one of the worst prison phone companies -- Securus Technologies.  Securus has aggressively opposed any reform to prison phone rates at the F.C.C. and elsewhere.   In April, the United Church of Christ, OC Inc. was pleased to join with Public Knowledge, Free Press and Rainbow/PUSH to block the purchase of the telephone company Securus Technologies, Inc. by a hedge fund.  The groups jointly filed a petition at the Federal Communications Commission last night in response to a filing by Securus requesting FCC permission to complete the proposed transaction.  Public Knowledge, Free Press, UCC OC Inc. and Rainbow/PUSH released a joint statement.  Cheryl Leanza, policy advisor for UCC OC Inc., said, “Predatory prison phone rates are a moral issue for the faith community—these types of businesses should be stopped, not allowed to expand.  Companies that invest in these predatory businesses risk endangering their public reputation.”


The petition was supported by a declaration of United Church of Christ's Minister for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, Rev. Sala Nolan-Gonzales, which laid out the strong interest the United Church of Christ has in this issue.  The F.C.C. ultimately dismissed our petition, but only once it had extracted a promise that the company cooperate more constructively in the F.C.C. proceeding considering predatory prison phone rates.  Also, Securus conceded it was blocking another company's service which was designed to help ameliorate high prison phone rates.

This month the Justice and Peace Action Network will feature an action alert in time for Father's Day to support the effort to reform prison phone rates around the country.

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Prison Phone Rates

Contact PayTel--another AWFUL prison phone company. Mothers in a class I taught at local jail paid up to $8 per call. I recently had son in Virginia private jail--cost me $50 in one week. They charge fees for everything--even for paying the bill--$3, if sent by mail, $6 for 3rd party processing fee,$3 web.Our local jail(not prive) says they need the money the phone company pays because they are in the red. OUTRAGEOUS to get money this way!WE MUST STOP THIS!!!


An affordable phone company for prisoners is Why isn't this company used in all prisons/jails?

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