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Today We Celebrate

This morning, government officials gathered in DC to vote on the future of the Internet.
The astonishing news: WE WON.
Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to reclassify the Internet as a public utility, as essential as water and electricity, and adopted strong protections to keep the Internet open and free for this and future generations.
One year ago, today’s victory today was unimaginable. We were up against powerful forces that wanted the power to block and slow down sites and create fast lanes for those who could pay—and slow lanes for the rest of us. It didn’t seem like every day Americans had a chance. But millions of us stood up and spoke out: entrepreneurs, educators, artists, activists, and people of many faiths and moral backgrounds.
Against all odds, millions of Americans of all faiths and backgrounds fought for our future—a future that preserves the Internet as a space where all our voices can be heard, regardless of income, race, religion, or status. A future where all children and families have the right to learn, connect, innovate, and organize online. A future where we can keep striving to make this world a more just and beautiful place using all the tools available.
Today is not only a political victory but a moral victory for millions of Americans, including all of us who participated in the Faithful Internet campaign. Thank you for clicking, recording videos, and writing testimonials. Thank you to the FCC Chairman, Commissioners and staff who listened to the groundswell.
How should we celebrate? Online of course.
Please like and share this photo with the hashtag #faithfulnet.

We will be in touch about next steps to protect today's victory. But today, we thank you and celebrate together.

With boundless gratitude,
OC Inc.


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