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Cheryl Leanza
Policy Advisor

Cheryl A. Leanza is the President of her consulting firm, A Learned Hand, LLC,  In this capacity, she serves as policy advisor to the United Church of Christ, Office of Communication, Inc. -- the church's historic media advocacy arm.  Her other clients include National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Public Knowledge and Native Public Media.  Ms. Leanza’s prior positions include Principal Legislative Counsel for telecommunications at the National League of Cities where she was lead lobbyist for local elected officials.  She also spent six and one-half years as Deputy Director of Media Access Project. Ms. Leanza has been a leader in public interest advocacy, advocating for diversity in ownership, low power community radio, children’s media, and other policies furthering First Amendment principles, including network neutrality. She has represented non-profits before the Federal Communications Commission and in the U.S. Appellate courts, and has been widely quoted in the trade and mainstream press on these issues. Ms. Leanza is an Adjunct Professor at GeorgetownUniversity, Dept. of Communications, Culture and Technology and is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Media & Democracy Coalition.  A cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and the Ford School of Public Policy, Ms. Leanza has served on the Executive Committee and the Foundation Board of the Federal Communications Bar Association.

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