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    Imagine how media could be used to bring us all together. Imagine if we took back our airwaves.

    Media Empowerment Project Organizing Manual

    Media Empowerment Project - English Media Empowerment Project - Spanish
    Available in both English and Spanish, the manual is a resource for communities interested in organizing around media. It provides: a framework for understanding why media matters and how different aspects of media are related; useful facts and statistics; stories of successful grassroots campaigns; and a chapter of resources on different tactics and skills for organizing around media.

    >> Download the English version
    >> En Español

    For printed copies, please contact our office. There is no charge if you would like one or two copies mailed to you.

    Why Media Matters Brochures

    Why Media Matters BrochuresThis series of seven brochures is designed to help educate the public about the role media play in shaping current social justice issues, from the perspective of issues that community groups, organizers and advocates care about.

    Are the views of your group and the issues concerning your organizing efforts covered fairly, if at all, in the media? Find out what you can do; each brochure lists practical next steps, existing resources and organizing tools.

    The Why Media Matters series is available for:

    Faith Groups
    Imagine media messages shaped by the ethical integrity of diverse people of faith. Learn what happened when an ecumenical group of ministers in Arizona refused to allow Christianity to be hijacked by hate mongers.

    Immigrant Groups
    Imagine media that strive to bring people together by introducing audiences to diverse cultures and faiths. Sarwat Husain, a Muslim originally from Pakistan, tells her story of using media to tell her story.

    Labor Activists
    Imagine our voices, united, achieving workers' rights, pension benefits and trus profit sharing for all. Read about how "the little newspaper that could" battled the megacorps in Honolulu and won.

    Parents, Youth and Families
    Imagine local programming spotlighting youth role models from their own communities. Learn how to work for a positive media environment for children and families everywhere.

    Independent Artists
    Imagine local artists finding their way to a national audience through local media outlets. Artists, musicians and other performers are finding ways to use media to their advantage.

    Community Organizers
    Imagine communities and media as equal partners, working together to improve communities. "I dreamed I heard our voices... " The community-based Coalition of Immokalee Workers organized in 2003 to put their own low-power FM radio station on the air.

    Environmental Advocates
    Imagine what a free, unbiased media could accomplish in raising environmental consciousness if big business didn't get in the way. Charmaine White Face, coordinator of a small volunteer group called Defenders of the Black Hills, talks about how the group saved a sacred native American Indian space in South Dakota.

    >> Download the entire set

    Cost: Sets of all seven, or bundles of 10 of a single brochure - $5 per set/bundle; 10 + sets of brochures, or 10 + bundles (10-packs) of individual brochures - $2.50 per set/bundle.

    OC, Inc. offers many materials to spread the word on media justice and reform. To order resource materials, please contact UCC Resources at 1-800-537-3394.

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